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Apple - Year 1

Welcome to Apple Class!

Our Class teacher is Ms Helena Gillis.


Class overview

We are a Year 1 class full of enthusiastic learners. Besides our class teacher, we are supported in our learning by our class TA, Mrs Spight. On a Thursday Ms Gillis has her PPA time and prepares our learning for the next week, we are taught by Mrs Victor and Mrs Holmes.



We follow the National Curriculum. Our learning is themed around topics. You can learn about our topic theme each half term by clicking on the curriculum overview under the curriculum section of this website.


If you would like to know more about the specific subject content each half term you can download the topic web from the downloads section on this page.


We do all the foundation subjects of the National Curriculum. These are, English, Maths, Science, PE, History, Geography, Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Music and Languages. We are very proud of our Spanish language learning!


At the core our of curriculum learning lie our Meridian curriculum drivers, our five R values which are Resilience, Reflectiveness, Research, Resourcefulness and Respectful Relationships.


We have weekly spellings which we take home on Wednesday


We also take home a weekly library book. Reading books are changed as soon as the children have finished reading them. Your child can change their reading book as often as daily. 


On Friday we also take home a homework sheet. You can download the homework sheet from the downloads section of this page. The homework sheet aims to extend the learning that we have been doing in class as well as to prepare the parents and the children for next week's learning. There is no requirement to bring in homework but those children who would like to bring their homework into school are very welcome to do so.


Life in Apple Class

In Apple class we are friendly, inquisitive and caring. We take pride in our achievements and we are always engaged and busy in the classroom. We take an interest in all our learning at school. We like to express our individuality and our interests in our learning. Each of us makes a unique contribution to our learning journey at Meridian and to our day in the class. We value everyone for who they are. We have a great sense of humour and we have lots of fun together!


We have 'Show and Tell' every Monday afternoon. This is an opportunity to share with our class our achievements outside the school, photos and objects from places we have visited, presents or things that are special to us.


We do PE every Monday (indoors - gymnastics) and Tuesday (outdoors). We wear PE shorts and our house top when we do PE indoors. We wear long track bottoms, a hoodie or a fleece, socks and trainers when we do PE outdoors. It is very important that we have all of this clothing in our PE kit at school as we want to make the most of our PE sessions. 

Supporting your child



  • Maths No Problem is the current approach to teaching maths. This approach emphasizes mastery of mathematical concepts from a developmental perspective. Children learn mathematical concepts first by manipulating real objects, then by working on pictorial representations of objects and, finally, by working with abstract concepts such as numbers. In the below link are some videos for parents which explain how children learn maths:
  • In this link you can find interactive maths games for year 1 children: or follow this link from the same website for interactive games in other curriculum areas:
  • The Family Maths Toolkit of the National Numeracy initiative provides parents with advice on including maths in family activities. There are also lots of activities for children:

More useful websites

Have a lovely holiday! Children return on Wednesday 5th September 2018.

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