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Classes for 2017/18

Classes for 2017-2018:


Reception class: Acorn Class – Mrs Emma Rapley & Mrs Jenny Victor (Fridays)


Year 1 class: Apple Class – Ms Helena Gillis

Year 2 class: Cherry Class – Mrs Alison Shepperson (4 days) & Mrs Nicola Sikyta (1 day covering
leadership) & Mrs Anna Holmes (1/2 day PPA)


Year 3 class: Maple Class - Miss Rebecca Sands

Year 4 class: Birch Class – Mr Sofflet

Year 5 class: Sycamore Class – Ms Maxine Senior

Year 6 class: Oak Class – Mrs Claire Sofflet


Chestnut classroom will be used for support groups/ booster groups/SEND individual work stations


Sky class will be used for support groups/booster groups for KS2 and SEND individual work stations for years 3 and 4 in the morning. In the afternoon, it will be used for speech and language sessions for KS1.

Our Summer Music Concert is on Thursday 24th May starts 6pm. Lots of our musicians are involved!

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