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Classes for 2017/18

Classes for 2017-2018:


Reception class: Acorn Class – Mrs Emma Rapley & Mrs Jenny Victor (Fridays)


Year 1 class: Apple Class – Ms Helena Gillis

Year 2 class: Cherry Class – Mrs Alison Shepperson (4 days) & Mrs Nicola Sikyta (1 day covering
leadership) & Mrs Anna Holmes (1/2 day PPA)


Year 3 class: Maple Class - Miss Rebecca Sands

Year 4 class: Birch Class – Mr Sofflet

Year 5 class: Sycamore Class – Ms Maxine Senior

Year 6 class: Oak Class – Mrs Claire Sofflet


Chestnut classroom will be used for support groups/ booster groups/SEND individual work stations


Sky class will be used for support groups/booster groups for KS2 and SEND individual work stations for years 3 and 4 in the morning. In the afternoon, it will be used for speech and language sessions for KS1.

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