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Classes for 2018/19

Classes for 2018-2019:


Reception class: Acorn Class – Mrs Emma Rapley & Mrs Esther Grove (Fridays)


Mixed Year 1/Year 2 class: Pear Tree Class – Miss Gemma Lilly

Year 2 class: Cherry Tree Class – Mrs Alison Shepperson (4.5 days) &
& Mrs Anna Holmes ( 1.5 days)


Year 3 class: Maple Class - Miss Rebecca Sands

Year 4 class: Birch Class – Miss Claudette Ramsay

Year 5 class: Sycamore Class – Ms Maxine Senior

Year 6 class: Oak Class – Mrs Claire Sofflet


Chestnut  and Sky classrooms will be used for support groups and booster groups.



Don't forget to sign up for one of the Parent Consultation Evenings. Lists will be out on Monday morning.

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