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Maple - Year 3


Welcome to Maple Class!


Class teacher - Miss Rebecca Sands


Class overview - new for 2018-19

Welcome to our Maple Class page. We are a hard working and enthusiastic bunch of learners. You can find us across the courtyard area from Reception, next to Birch Class.

Miss Sands is our class teacher, although she is not in class on Wednesday afternoons. Mrs Millard works with us then, when she teaches us Religious Education.


Please be aware that we have two indoor PE sessions this half term: Wednesday and Friday.

Children need a PE kit, complete with trainers and trousers or a jacket.

Life in Maple Class

Coming Soon!


As the first year of Key Stage Two, Year Three children are expected to work more independently and become a little more responsible for their own learning. They have access to their own library tickets, and visit the library on their own, so can choose books that they are interested in and that will challenge their skills.

We learn in a variety of different ways in Year 3, taking our direction from the National Curriculum.

Supporting your child

There are so many ways to support your child's success. Curling up with a book in the evening is always a good way to start, and there are some great inference questions available in the back of your reading record to help start book discussions.


Our weekly spellings need to be learned at home. Mrs Millard goes through the spelling rules with us before she hands them out, so we know what to focus on.


We'll be working on our 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables this year. In addition, a mental maths mastery sheet for Year 3 has also been given out to all parents - more are available - to let you know the skills children need to have for Maths to help them further up the school.


This half term (SPRING 1), our target tables are 3 and 4. Check out the BBC Supermovers videos for these tables by clicking on the number you want to practise.


Cambridge is full of museums, which are loaded with opportunities to practise research skills and develop curiosity. We are always interested in exciting places the children have been and opportunities they have had!


Below is a document full of things to do.


Spellings are given out by Mrs Millard every Wednesday and tested the following week. Children are given two copies of the spelling list: one to keep in their tray, to practise during quiet moments in the school day, and another set to take home.


Test on 23rd January:


Group A  

1. reins (on a horse)

2. vein

3. veil

4. reign (of a king or queen)

5. neigh

6. weigh

7. sleigh

8. freight

9. weight

10. straight


Group B  

1. bang

2. fang

3. hang

4. rang

5. sang

6. long

7. song

8. hung

9. lung

10. sung


Group C  - ‘ea’

1. sea                     s ea

2. pea                    p ea               

3. seat                   s ea t      

4. meat                  m ea t

5. heat                   h ea t

6. neat                   n ea t

7. beat                   b ea t

8. treat                  tr ea t

9. read                   r ea d    

10. bead                  b ea d


Homework is given out every Friday and is due in again on Wednesday. They can expect Spellings, Maths work and usually a Literacy or Topic-based activity, in line with our homework policy.


Completing homework tasks will always earn children raffle tickets to reward their dedication and responsibility.


Children should not be working more than an hour and a half a week on their assigned task, although any extra research or practice they fancy is always warmly welcomed.


Reading at Home

They are also expected to read roughly ten pages a day, five days a week. Children are issued with reading records where they can share their parents, teachers and friends.



Multiplication and Division Practice

Thank you, Mr Waller (Year 4 parent) for developing this fantastic maths resource to support the learning of children at Meridian.


To access these fun maths challenges, simply click the link below and download the Excel spreadsheets. You will then be able to challenge yourself and others to answer questions under timed conditions, or just for fun.


KS1 Y2 SATs Information Sharing to Parents - Monday 28th January 4pm. KS2 Y6 SATs Information Sharing to Parents - Tuesday 29th January 3:45pm

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