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Meridian Highlights 2016/17

At Meridian we are proud of all our successes, achievements and highlights of 2016-2017

  • Our Year 6 SATs results were above the national average in all areas (reading, writing and maths).  This was for those working at the expected standards and those working at greater depth.  We are so proud of our Year 6 Leavers, and of all the work staff put in to ensure they showed their best in their SATs.  We wish them well at Secondary school. 


  • Our Year 2 SATs results were above the national average in all areas (reading, writing and maths) where pupils were working at expected standards.
  • Our Year 1 phonics results were in line with national standards, and our EYFS figures were above the national average for those working at a good level of development.

We took part in many competitive events and sporting occasions.  For example:

  • We were Cambridgeshire Y6 English challenge finalists
  • We were finalists in the Cambridgeshire Y5 maths challenge (and came 3rd overall)
  • We gained our Bronze Sports’ Mark award for 2016 – 2017
  • We came 2nd overall in the Cambridgeshire Gymnastic competition
  • Years 5 and 6 took part in South Cambridgeshire tournaments for Netball, Hockey and Football
  • Year 4 took part in the South Cambridgeshire mini-Olympics
  • Year 2 took part in the South Cambridgeshire tennis festival
  • Year 1 and EYFS took part in the South Cambridgeshire multi-skills festival
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In music as well, we showed our skills and shared our joy:

  • All year groups were involved in a fantastic musical performance, entertaining parents with solo and group pieces;
  • Key Stage 2 pupils presented a Carol Concert
  • Some of our musicians took to busking, playing Christmas carols as we arrived at school;
  • The whole school took part in a Carol Service at St Marys Parish Church
  • Our brilliant PTA organised a Summer Children’s Music festival
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Other educational and cultural events at Meridian have included:

  • An intensive reading day
  • An Africa Day
  • A performance from a Baroque orchestra
  • A performance from a Shakespeare company
  • A visit from Clare Cunningham – Olympic Paralympic athlete
  • A special Problem solving puzzle day
  • Y6 Workshops with BPP law students and university scientists
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And that’s not all!! 

Here are a few more of the fun and fascinating things we got up to last year: 

  • We welcomed many multi- faith visitors to school in support of our Key Stage 2 Religious Education learning
  • We conducted exciting experiments and investigation at our after school science club
  • We had school trips to the farm, Ely Cathedral, Celtic harmony, Cambridge University museums, Hilltop and the Fitzwilliam museum, all in support of the curriculum
  • In the Summer term there were regular walk to Watts Woods by our EYFS and some of our Year 1 children
  • We had a great time at our Pancake toss day and the Summer Social (organised by the PTA)
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We look forward to more events and successes as this academic year gets underway.
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