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Oak - Year 6

Welcome to Oak Class!

Class overview

There are 30 children in Oak Class and we are taught in the Lee Building.
Mrs Sofflet teaches us everyday except Thursday afternoons when we are taught Spanish by Mrs Jones and RE and spellings by Mrs Millard. Mrs Millard also supports us in some maths and English lessons.



We are going to learn about some very exciting topics this year. Each will have a Geography, History or Science focus. Please see the topic plan for more details.

This half term's main topic is 'The Maya Civilisation'. The children will also be engaging in transition activities to ensure they feel confident and prepared for the move to secondary school.

For more information about learning in all areas of the curriculum this half term please see the curriculum overview.


Life in Oak Class

In Oak Class we are keen to learn and make progress. We aim to be well prepared for the move to Secondary School in September. We work hard but also know how to have fun! We enjoy all the curriculum subjects and are a very creative bunch! We love to read and be read to. We can work independently but there are many opportunities for us to work collaboratively too. We support each other and the children and staff in our classroom make a great team!



Homework is sent home on a Friday and is due back in by the following Wednesday. Sometimes Mrs Jones, the Spanish teacher, may give us some Spanish vocabulary to practise too.

Spellings are sent home on a Thursday and we will be tested on the words the following Thursday. It will really help us if we practise our spellings and times tables every week!

We are expected to practise our reading everyday by reading at least 10 pages. It helps us if parents talk to us about what we are reading. For fiction texts, we could discuss the genre, plot, characters, endings, language used etc. For non-fiction texts, examples of things we could talk about include the type of text, its purpose, audience and structure.

PE Kit is needed on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, it is best if we have a kit available on our pegs all week in case the timetable needs to change.




Learning about our amazing bodies!

Fun at the Polar Museum and Botanic Garden in Cambridge

Workshop on 'Rights and Responsibilities' led by law students

Workshop on 'Rights and Responsibilities' led by law students 1
Workshop on 'Rights and Responsibilities' led by law students 2
Workshop on 'Rights and Responsibilities' led by law students 3

Identifying invertebrates in the school grounds.


It's show time!

We are looking forward to entertaining everyone with our show 'Let Loose' on Thursday 12th July.


Aiming high!

On Friday 18th May, Y6 enjoyed a trip to Clip n Climb in Cambridge. This was a fun treat at the end of SAT week. We had a great time and reached some dizzy heights!


Active Science

Last term we enjoyed weekly active science sessions led by Cambridge United Community Trust and the Cambridge Science Centre. In these sessions we learnt about the human body. We also had a visit from a stem ambassador who showed us a real lamb's heart and lungs!


Law Student Workshop

We enjoyed a great workshop all about 'Rights and Responsibilities'. This was led by Law Students and helped us learn all about human rights.



Year 6 Themes


It is our Healthy Living Week this week, ending in our annual Sports Day on Friday 15th; KS1 and EYFS 9.30am start. KS2 1.45pm start.

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