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Apple Tree - Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Apple Tree Class!



We are a mixed Year 1 and 2 class full of cheerful and inquisitive learners, supported by our class teacher, Miss Gemma Lilly and our Teaching Assistant, Ms Rowe. Mrs Watson teaches Apple Tree Class on Thursday afternoons when Miss Lilly is out of class. 


For the endof Summer Term, our topic is The Queen's Jubilee! Some things we're looking forward to this term include:

  • Writing recounts and non-fiction about Queen Elizabeth II and stories based on 'The Queen's Handbag';
  • planning and making delicious desserts in DT;
  • learning about habitats and microhabitats around the world;
  • exploring the lives of the Gurus in Sikhism;
  • presenting information in different ways on the computer by making quizzes, creating non-fiction fact files and giving presentations to the rest of the class;
  • STEM week and Sports Day;
  • our exciting summer trip to Hunstanton.

This term's full topic web is below with more information.


We'd love to hear from you if you or someone you know is an expert on any part of our topic - we always enjoy learning from different people!


General information about life in Apple Tree Class is below. If you're having trouble finding any information, think we've missed something, have any questions/suggestions or would just like to check in, please feel free to get in touch via the class email:

Key Stage 1 SATs

We had a parents' meeting about SATs just after the Easter holidays - many thanks to everyone who joined us! If you weren't able to make it or would like to recap, all resources shared in the meeting are now attached below. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.


We follow the National Curriculum, with our learning themed around topics that make links between different subject areas. You can learn about each year group's topic themes for each half term by clicking on the curriculum overview under the curriculum section of the website, and if you would like to know more about our topic in Apple Tree Class this half term, you can download the topic web below.


We learn about all the core and foundation subjects of the National Curriculum: English, Maths, Science, PE, History, Geography, Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology and Music. Although we're not required to learn a modern foreign language in KS1, we have Spanish lessons each week to introduce us to the language. We also learn about and from other religions in our RE lessons, based on the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus, and about other useful life skills in PSHE, using the Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme. More information about each subject is also available under the 'Curriculum' area of the website.


    Art Week!

    We had great fun making art linked to the story of Daedalus and Icarus! We've been learning the story as part of our Magnificent Flying Machines topic (although we have established that the story is a myth and the wings wouldn't actually work in real life). 

    During Art Week, we made printing blocks from cardboard and string and used them to make a maze nobody could ever escape from, like Daedalus. Then we made wings for Icarus (out of fabric and glue rather than feathers and wax) as a whole class work of art. The looked amazing and are now up on display in the classroom!

    Let's Go Fly a Kite!

    We started our kite-making DT unit with a visit from Mr Glover, who brought a huge range of different kites for us to see, explained how they stay in the air, told us some fantastic facts about them and took one of his biggest kites out onto the school field to test out with us! Huge thanks to Mr Glover for inspiring us - we're well on our way to designing and making our own now!

    Odd Socks Day!

    We started off Anti-Bullying Week with Odd Socks Day, celebrating our individuality. Have a look at our odd sock designs! 

    Self-Isolation Activities

    Below are some resources for if you need to isolate at home during the school term. In the short term (e.g. while waiting for test results), please choose a 'short term project' activity and email or bring in the project when you return to school. There is also a 'Links you may find helpful' section further down this page with a range of activities linked to different subjects.


    If you are required to self-isolate for a longer period of time, please let us know (ideally via the class email address as well as the school's address, so there's no delay in messages being passed on) and we'll send home activities linked to our lessons each day. Our usual class timetable is below for your reference (please note that we may vary it slightly on any given week) and we'll send out resources for each day by email.


    If our whole class is sent home, resources will of course be sent out to everyone! Please email the class email address ( if you need your Microsoft Teams login to access class resources.




    Links you may find helpful:

    These links were originally set up for remote learning during the first lockdown, but you may find them useful now - I try to check the links are up to date but please be aware some of them may have changed! As always, please feel free to dip into anything useful and ignore the rest.


    English: - information on library reopenings. - Puffin Books story packs have stories and linked activities, a bit like Guided Reading. - ebooks and phonics resources. Click on ‘My class login’ to access the ebook library (please email for login details). - phonics activities and games for all levels. Some are limited to subscribers only but many are freely available. If you’re not sure what level to start on, just ask! - phonics game that progressively builds skills (email for login details if you’d like to try it out). - Puffin Storytime playlists for a range of ages, usually read by the authors/illustrators. - audio books for all ages. - handwriting practice (please email for login details).


    Maths: - Resources to access the White Rose scheme of learning we use in school. Question sheets linked to the videos will be emailed out. - a range of arithmetic challenges including doubling and number bonds. - practical activities and games to embed understanding of key concepts and develop reasoning & problem-solving skills. - good for encouraging deeper understanding, reasoning and problem solving, particularly for children who rush quickly through simple fluency questions to slow down, find working strategies and develop their learning further. - indoor and outdoor maths challenges from the Cambs Maths Team. A collection of challenges to practise maths in fun and practical ways - from the same team, this has links to individual activities for each age group, including an overview of the type of activity/maths content, a summary of what to do and a list of the resources you’ll need. Great if you’re looking for a quick activity to extend what you’ve just been learning about or add an extra bit of maths practice to your day.


    ICT: - our school's online computing learning platform (please email for login details). As well as accessing our weekly lessons, you can find many cross-curricular games and activities to try.


    Music: - resources from our music programme, SingUp, that can be used at home.


    PE: – Joe Wicks’ 5 minute workout videos. We often use them for warm-ups or learning breaks. – Joe Wick’s kids’ workouts to do at home. - Kids' Yoga - NHS advice on physical and emotional wellbeing - BBC Supermovers


    General Wellbeing: - BBC videos about identifying and dealing with emotions, aimed at KS1 and EYFS. - a way to talk to children about Coronavirus. - this page includes a link to the Strengthening Minds ebook: Staying Home in Style!


    Resources and Activities - All Areas: - BBC Bitesize lessons


    Child-friendly General Reference:

    Our Sports Day is on Thursday 23rd June! Be prepared water bottles, hats and sun cream!

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