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Classes for 2020/21

Classes for 2020-2021:


Reception class: Acorn Class – Mrs Jaqueline Ozcan (4 days) & Ms Leila Fitzwilliam Hall (2 days)


Year 1 Class: Pear Tree Class – Miss Gemma Lilly

Year 2 class: Cherry Tree Class – Mrs Alison Shepperson (4 days) &
& Ms Leila Fitzwilliam Hall (1 day)


Year 3 class: Maple Class - Ms Maxine Senior

Year 4/5 class: Elm Class – Miss Claudette Ramsay

Year 4/5 class: Cedar Class – Miss Rebecca Sands

Year 4/5 class: Willow Class – Mrs Amaris Keith


Year 6 Class: Oak Class - Mrs Claire Sofflet


There are two additional classrooms that are used for support groups throughout the day. 



We are in a national lockdown. We are now closed to all pupils, except critical key workers and vulnerable pupils. Learning will now be conducted on line.

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