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Classes for 2021/2022

Classes for 2021-2022:


Reception class: Acorn Class – Mrs Jaqueline Özcan 


Year 1/2 class: Apple Tree Class – Miss Gemma Lilly

Year 1/2 class: Cherry Tree Class – Mrs Alison Shepperson 

Year 3/4 class: Maple Class - Ms Maxine Senior

Year 3/4 class: Birch Class – Miss Claudette Ramsay (4 days) , Mrs Anna Holmes ( 1 day)

Year 5/6 class: Cedar Class – Mrs Amaris Keith

Year 5/6 class: Willow Class – Mrs Claire Sofflet


Year 5/6 class Elm Class - Ms Claire Abraham


There are two additional classrooms that are used for support groups throughout the day. 



Thank you for your donations for our link school in The Gambia. In total we raised £356 which will go towards funding two children's education this year.

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