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Fundraising priorities

During the 2021/22 school year, the school asked us to help with the following:

  • 8 new benches for playgrounds
  • Seating in the new habitat garden
  • 40 iPads (they already using iPads in lessons and sharing 1 between 3, and this would mean they could share 1 between 2 instead)
  • Design and technology equipment, from this list:

More detail on that Habitat garden

Meridian Primary School is keen to improve its outdoor spaces. It is currently focusing on developing the Habitat Garden. This involves the children, including the school councillors (two elected children from each class), who are working closely with staff to contribute ideas and designs to shape the outdoor space. The children said they would like the Habitat Garden to be :

  • "a place to be calm" - Freya
  • "a space to breathe" - Ellie
  • "colourful" - Alex S
  • "a quiet place to have happy thoughts and be peaceful" - Chloe K
  • "a beautiful, calm place" - Maya


The vision is to create a calm and peaceful space for children to enjoy with possible features including sensory and wildlife areas. The school councillors are writing to companies to help source items, but you can help too: by donating money to the PTA.

The School has identified £10,000 of work in the first instance, though this forms part of a much larger project, which includes improving other outdoor spaces used the children such as the Key Stage 1 playground and Key Stage 2 decking. Monies raised by the PTA will contribute towards these initiatives and others, in close liaison with the school.

We look forward to learning all about our Y5's residential trip to Hilltop!

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