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Meridian Highlights 2017/18

At Meridian we are proud of all our successes, achievements and highlights of 2017-2018

  • Our Year 6 SATs results were above the national average in reading, writing and maths for those working at the expected standards and those working at greater depth.


  • Our Year 2 SATs results were in line or above the national average in all areas (reading, writing and maths) where pupils were working at expected standards and at greater depth.
  • Our Year 1 phonics results were above the national standards, and our EYFS figures were above the national average for those working at a good level of development.

We took part in many competitive events and sporting occasions. For example:

  • We took part in the Cambridgeshire Year 6 English challenge
  • We were finalists in the Cambridgeshire Year 5 maths challenge
  • We gained our Bronze Sports’ Mark award for 2017–2018, narrowly missing Silver
  • We introduced new sporting activities: archery, orienteering, stacking, fencing, dodge ball, cricket
  • All classes had a term’s support to learn cricket
  • Year 4 took part in the Cambridgeshire Gymnastic competition
  • Years 5 and 6 took part in South Cambridgeshire tournaments for Netball, Hockey, Football, and cross-country running
  • Year 2 took part in the South Cambridgeshire tennis festival
  • Year 1 took part in the South Cambridgeshire multi-skills festival
  • Year 3 and 4 took part in an orienteering competition
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In music as well, we showed our skills and shared our joy:

  • All year groups were involved in their own fantastic musical performance, entertaining parents with solo and group pieces;
  • Key Stage 2 pupils presented a Carol Concert
  • Some of our musicians took to busking, playing Christmas carols as we arrived at school;
  • The whole school took part in a Carol Service at St Marys Parish Church
  • Our music leaders and Mrs Talbot (peripatetic music teacher) organised a Summer Children’s Music festival
  • Our choir performed at West Road Concert Hall as part of a schools choirs county-wide project.
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Other educational and cultural events at Meridian have included:

  • An intensive reading day to celebrate World Book Day
  • An Africa Day with a drumming workshop for all classes
  • University scientists and STEM Ambassadors supporting our science lessons.
  • Year 6 Workshops with BPP law students
  • Year 6 enterprising day
  • A Spanish Day
  • A Healthy Living week
  • Astra Zeneca and Cambridge United program for Year 5 and 6 on a Healthy Heart.
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And that’s not all!! 

Here are a few more of the fun and fascinating things we got up to last year: 

  • We welcomed many multi-faith visitors to school in support of our Key Stage 2 Religious Education learning
  • We had school trips to Ely Cathedral, Celtic harmony, Cambridge University museums, Hilltop, Burwell House (for a filming project), the Fitzwilliam museum, the Space Centre and Pizza Express, all in support of the curriculum
  • We had a great time at the disco, our Pancake toss day and the Summer Social (organised by the PTA)
  • The circus came to Meridian - a fantastic weekend organised by the PTA!
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We look forward to more events and successes in this academic year.
Well achieved GOLD sports award for the 2nd year! Please look after yourselves. There is a drive by testing centre at Milton Park and Ride with a very quick turn around for anyone who might need to book a Covid-19 test.

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