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Oak - Year 6

Welcome to Oak Class!


Home Learning Support (Back after the Easter holidays)

Our physical school building may be closed, but it'll take more than that to stop our learning journey!



What can I get on with over the holidays?

1. Keep active with BBC Supermovers, GoNoodle or try the Chance to Shine cricket challenges.

2. Catch up on any of the maths presentations you didn't get to or didn't finish.

3. Take nature pictures and create a collage.

4. Cook or bake for your family.

5. Download this maths activity booklet to have a go at. The answers are here, too, so you can check your work.

6. Keep your brain sharp with a quick CGP SATs Buster.

7. Choose a subject that interests you and conduct your own inquiry. Think of a research question and decide how to answer it.

8. Relax with one of these Easter egg colouring sheets.


Have fun and stay safe.

Keep Active at Home

Keep Active at Home 1
Keep Active at Home 2

Class overview

There are 32 children in Oak Class and we are taught in the Lee Building.
Miss Sands teaches us everyday except Tuesday afternoons when we are taught Spanish by Ms Hategan and RE and spellings by Mrs Millard. Mrs Millard also supports us in some maths and English lessons.


Indoor PE takes place on Friday morning.

Outdoor PE takes place on Wednesday morning.



Each of our exciting topics this year will have a geography, history or science focus. Please see the Y6 topic plan below for more details.

This half term's main theme is a history one: "The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China". For more information about learning in all areas of the curriculum this half term please see the Spring Two topic overview below.


Life in Oak Class

In Oak Class, we are keen to learn and make progress. We aim to be well prepared for the move to secondary Sshool in September. We work hard but also know how to have fun! We enjoy all the curriculum subjects and are a very creative bunch! We love to read and be read to. We can work independently but there are many opportunities for us to work collaboratively too. We support each other and the children and staff in our classroom make a great team!


Homework is sent home on a Friday and is due back in by the following Wednesday. Sometimes our Spanish teacher, may give us some Spanish vocabulary to practise, too.

Spellings are sent home on a Tuesday and we will be tested on the words the following Tuesday. It will really help us if we practise spellings and times tables every week!


We are expected to practise our reading everyday by reading at least 10 pages. It helps us if parents talk to us about what we are reading. For fiction texts, we could discuss the genre, plot, characters, endings, language used etc. For non-fiction texts, examples of things we could talk about include the type of text, its purpose, audience and structure.




Home Learning activities are on our class pages. Please look after yourselves and each other.

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