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Pear Tree - Year 1

Welcome to Pear Tree Class!

We are a Year 1 class full of enthusiastic learners and big smiles. Our class teacher is Miss Gemma Lilly and we are supported in our learning by our class Teaching Assistant, Mrs Ward. On a Thursday, when Miss Lilly has her PPA time and prepares our learning for the next week, we are taught by Mrs Moore for the afternoon.


Reminder: PE days for Pear Tree Class are Wednesday and Friday. Please could children come into school in their PE kits on these days and remove any jewellery such as earrings before school. 


We send home paper copies of spellings, homework and class news weekly. If you would prefer to have these emailed to you rather than be given a paper copy, please let us know via the class email and we'll adjust accordingly. Electronic copies are also uploaded to this webpage each week (spellings on Wednesdays, class news and homework on Fridays).


It's been lovely to have Pear Tree Class full of busy children enjoying being back at school after the break. If you do need to self-isolate due to illness, there is a page of suggested activities under the 'Home Learning Activities & Weekly Spellings' section below. As always, please feel free to get in touch via the class email address ( if you have any questions, worries or exciting news to share!


We follow the National Curriculum, with our learning themed around topics that make links between different subject areas. You can learn about each year group's topic themes for each half term by clicking on the curriculum overview under the curriculum section of the website, and if you would like to know more about our topic in Pear Tree Class this half term, you can download the topic web from the downloads section on this page.


We learn about all the core and foundation subjects of the National Curriculum: English, Maths, Science, PE, History, Geography, Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology and Music. Although we're not required to learn a modern foreign language in KS1, we have Spanish lessons each week to introduce us to the language. We also learn about and from other religions in our RE lessons, based on the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus, and about other useful life skills in PSHE, using the Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme. More information about each subject is also available under the 'Curriculum' area of the website.



Life in Pear Tree Class

In Pear Tree Class we are friendly, inquisitive and enthusiastic. We take pride in our achievements and we are always excited to learn and share our knowledge. We value everyone for who they are and we have lots of fun together! It's important to us that everyone feels safe and happy about the classroom and their learning, so if you have anything you're worried or unsure about, please let Miss Lilly or Mrs Ward know (even if it's just a little thing!) and we'll do what we can to help. 


We usually learn Maths and English (including phonics and spellings) in the mornings and foundation subjects in the afternoons. 


In Maths lessons, we use the White Rose scheme of work to support fluency, reasoning and problem-solving in all areas of the subject. Homework each Friday is linked to our maths learning. 


All children in KS1 have weekly spellings, which we take home on Wednesday to learn for our spelling test the following week (spare spellings sheets can be downloaded from this page). Miss Lilly, Mrs Ward and Mrs Shepperson use the results to assess how well phonics knowledge is embedded and which sounds/common exception words need more practice.

Spelling books go home on Wednesday afternoons so parents/carers can see the results, but need to be back in school again by the end of the week.


Reading books are currently being changed weekly rather than daily, as in the past. This gives us time to quarantine books before they go home to a different household. We understand that this may mean children are running out of new things to read very quickly, and we're very sorry for any inconvenience this causes. In the links below, there are some ideas for online resources and information about library reopenings. Children can, of course, read other books from home - please don't restrict yourselves to school books! Reading with adults or older children and listening to stories that they are unable to fully access on their own is a great way to build a love of reading, too.


We have PE every Wednesday (outdoors) and Friday (indoors). We wear PE shorts and our house top when we do PE indoors. We wear long track bottoms, a jumper or a fleece, socks and trainers when we do PE outdoors, and no jewellery during PE at all - any children who wear earrings ideally need to take them out before school on PE days. For this term at least, we are all coming into school already in our PE kits rather than changing clothes and bringing more bags in and out of school. 


On Friday we take home our homework books, and you can also download a printable copy of the homework each week from this page. The homework aims to review and extend the learning that we have been doing in class as well as to prepare the children for next week's learning. If your child hasn't completed a week's homework for any reason, please don't worry, but please do bring the book back anyway! We don't want homework to become a cause of stress, but we do use to it help us check how well class learning has been understood where possible, and we tuck in class newsletters as well as homework at the end of each week.


Our Class Newsletter goes out every Friday, summarising what we plan to do in the week ahead (although the plan does sometimes change during the week!). If you have any questions about it or would like to talk about what we're learning in more detail, please just ask. 


We like to hear about what everyone has been doing outside of school, which is why we have 'Show and Tell' every Friday afternoon. Everyone in the class a chance to show and/or tell us about something every week, and we're always happy to to hear the 'tell' part even if children forget to bring something to show!


Snapshot of our activities over the year


Links you may find helpful:

These links were originally set up for remote learning during lockdown, but you may find them helpful for reference or practising skills with children who are back in school, or if you are self-isolating. As always, please feel free to dip into anything useful and ignore the rest!

English: - information on library reopenings. - Puffin Books story packs have stories and linked activities, a bit like Guided Reading. - ebooks and phonics resources (please email for login details). - similar to Oxford Owl but for the Harper Collins books we use in school. Login details are in the link. - phonics activities and games for all levels - email if you'd like advice on where to start; free home login details are in the link. - phonics game that progressively builds skills (email for login details). - audio books for all ages. - Twinkl's collection of ebooks. - handwriting practice (please email for login details).


Maths: - a range of arithmetic challenges including doubling. - practical activities and games to embed understanding of key concepts and develop reasoning & problem-solving skills. - a range of downloadable and printable activities. - good for encouraging deeper understanding, reasoning and problem solving, particularly for children who rush quickly through simple fluency questions to slow down, find working strategies and develop their learning further. - indoor and outdoor maths challenges from the Cambs Maths Team. A collection of challenges to practise maths in fun and practical ways - from the same team, this has links to individual activities for each age group, including an overview of the type of activity/maths content, a summary of what to do and a list of the resources you’ll need. Great if you’re looking for a quick activity to extend what you’ve just been learning about or add an extra bit of maths practice to your day.


ICT: - our school's online computing learning platform (please email for login details). As well as accessing our current coding projects, you can find many cross-curricular games and activities to try.


Music: - Sing Up's Song of the Week


PE:  - Daily 30 min PE lessons with Joe Wick (live at 9am). - Daily dance lessons with Oti Mabuse (live at 11:30am). - NHS advice on physical and emotional wellbeing - BBC Supermovers - Kids' Yoga


General Wellbeing: - BBC videos about identifying and dealing with emotions, aimed at KS1 and EYFS. - a way to talk to children about Coronavirus. - this page includes a link to the Strengthening Minds ebook: Staying Home in Style!


Resources and Activities - All Areas: - BBC Bitesize lessons - Activities and resources for all subjects.


Child-friendly General Reference:

Supporting your child



  • Children learn mathematical concepts first by manipulating real objects, then by working on pictorial representations of objects and, finally, by working with abstract concepts such as numbers. In the below link are some videos for parents which explain how children learn maths:
  • We have a brilliant series of spreadsheets to support children in learning key skills in maths, such as number bonds, times tables and other key instant recall facts. Follow this link to access Dr Waller's 'Meridian Mathlympics' spreadsheet for Year 1:
  • In this link you can find interactive maths games for year 1 children: or follow this link from the same website for interactive games in other curriculum areas:
  • The Family Maths Toolkit of the National Numeracy initiative provides parents with advice on including maths in family activities. There are also lots of activities for children:

More useful websites

Wonderful feeling - we are all back in school! On Friday 25th - non uniform day - colourful dress and bring a donation to raise the school fees for two children in The Gambia.

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