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School Development Plan Priorities

The Meridian Primary School

Improvement Priorities for 2017-2018


Aim for 2017-2018: To work towards ‘excellence’ in our practice and in our standards and in all that we do.


These are our priorities:



  1. Continue to develop leaders at all levels to promote further improvements in provision and outcomes for pupils
  2. Ensure all staff and governors promote refreshed school values
  3. Ensure consistency and security in internal and external judgements on standards in reading, writing and maths
  4. Continue to improve teaching through energetic performance management
  5. Further improve provision and outcomes in all subject areas particularly in music and the arts
  6. Apply robust accountability to all areas of responsibility for all staff
  7. Ensure deep monitoring of the effectiveness of the school by all leaders and governors
  8. Work with the governors to secure consistently good or better outcomes in all aspects of provision


Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  1. Ensure 100% good teaching in all year groups with all teachers using a rich range of monitoring information
  2. Ensure mastery at greater depth for all the most able children through outstanding teaching, tracking and support
  3. Complete a highly effective and purposeful EYFS outdoor classroom
  4. Develop computing curriculum and technology across the school to a high standard
  5. Further develop a good partnership with parents to support their children’s learning in mathematics and all other subjects
  6. Reading for learning becomes endemic in the school


Pupil Outcomes

  1. Ensure all children working at greater depths achieve their targets in Y2 and Y6.
  2. Accelerate the progress of EYFS, Y2 and Y6 so that they meet all targets by the end of the year.
  3. Achieve targets set (at expected or greater depths) in all core areas (RWM combined)
  4. All pupil premium children make good progress in writing and maths from their starting points in all year groups
  5. Close the gap in attainment between pupil premium children and the rest of the cohort
  6. Meridian Primary School pupils meet or exceed the national attainment standards % at Y6, Y2, Y1 and EYFS


Pupil welfare and behaviour

  1. Children take pride in their work and contribution to the life of the school
  2. Children always work by the school’s values
  3. Children are well presented in school uniform and well equipped for their work
  4. All children enjoy school



Have a lovely holiday! Children return on Wednesday 5th September 2018.

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