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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Funding

Aspirations and Allocation



At Meridian School, we believe physical education gives our children the opportunity to embody our school’s values (confidence, courtesy, responsibility and adventure). Participating in sporting and games activities throughout and after the school day encourages our children to develop healthy, active lifestyles and promotes physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.

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Funding Information

Since 2013, the Government has spent over £450 million on funding for schools, aiming to inspire school sports and allow for additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sports that we offer. This funding is allocated to schools based on the number of children in Years 1 to 6 and has recently increased.


Meridian have welcomed this funding and we are committed to using this resource to continue to develop high quality PE lessons and facilities, alongside greater opportunities for all our young people.




No. of children on roll

Sports Premium Funding received

2015-2016 Academic Year



2016-2017 Academic Year



2017-2018 Academic Year




Meridian’s provision for 2017/2018

This will be spent as follows:

Sports silver partnership with CVC


Playground markings for sporting activities


Gymnastics training for teachers and children


P.E. curriculum


PE equipment and storage


Lunchtime Multi-Skills Clubs, partnered with Premier Sport (Access for All)


Play leaders training


Subject leader support


Balanceability (Key Stage 1)


Creating quality spaces for PE and sporting activities



Action Plan and Budget tracking 2017 -2019

Expected outcomes from this year’s expenditure:

We are committed to high-quality, sustainable PE provision for our children, present and future.


We aim to:


  • Provide greater enjoyment and achievement in sports access to all children, including disadvantaged and SEND. This will be through enhancing our equipment and giving children more exposure to new sports they would not normally have, (e.g. Fencing after school). We have made links with a number of different sporting bodies.


  • Use new resources and staff knowledge to introduce more intra-school team games competitions.


  • Give our staff more confidence to teach high quality gymnastics, by welcoming Premier Sports instructors to the school to support in planning and delivery of P.E. in Y1-Y6


  • Create a well-managed inventory of our PE equipment, which is available and in excellent condition for lessons, clubs and at lunchtimes.


  • Deliver a revised curriculum that results in high quality, inspiring and memorable lessons


  • Provide more sporting leadership opportunities for our children


  • Cultivate a sense of excitement for sports across the school, working towards our Silver School Games Mark.


  • Provide quality spaces for PE and sporting activities.
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Meridian’s provision for 2016/2017 was £8,900

This was spent as follows:

Sports silver partnership with CVC


Playground markings for sporting activities


Staff training


Replacement of equipment and storage


Entry and transport costs for sporting competitions


Lunchtime Multi-Skills Clubs, partnered with Premier Sport (Access of All)


Subject leader support


Impact of Funding 2016/2017

Meridian School had an excellent sporting year.


  • Last year, we achieved a Bronze School Games Mark (2016-2017), recognising our commitment to the development of competition across the school and into the community. Participating in this process allowed us to evaluate our PE provision and we are looking to pursue even greater achievements in the future. The Sport Premium funding will give us more scope to achieve this.


  • Meridian has a continued sports partnership with Comberton Village College (our local secondary school) and other primary schools within our locality. We also have links with Cambridge United Football Club.


  • Our partnership with CVC has been very inspiring for our children. Our Year Four children – only half of whom normally engage in extra-curricular sporting activities – took part in the Schools “Mini-Olympics”, and Key Stage One have taken part in a very successful Multi-Skills Day.


  • Due to the new netball marking on our Key Stage Two playground, we have been able to offer a popular after-school Netball Club, which has attracted both boys and girls in Year Five and Six. These children have had the opportunity to compete against other schools and share their successes in assemblies. Our netball court is also used during PE lessons and continues to benefit the school in the 2017-18 academic year.


  • Our partnership links have also given 72 Key Stage Two children, the opportunity to engage in sporting competitions, including Hockey, Netball and Swimming.


  • Our link with Premier Sports has engaged more children in sporting activities before, after and during school time. Our Key Stage One Gymnastics has proved most popular. This partnership will extend into the future.
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