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Sports at Meridian

This page contains all the hot-off-the-press news about PE and Sports at Meridian:

  • School Games Mark
  • Upcoming Events
  • Sports Organising Committee
  • Play Leaders
  • Competition Results and Match Reports

School Games

Meridian is proud that its commitment to providing all children with high quality sporting opportunities. The School Games Mark rewards schools and other educational establishments for their commitment to and development of competition, school sport, physical education and physical activity. School Games Mark is directly linked to a schools engagement in the School Games. This needs to reflect a broad and balanced offer that actively encourages those young people that aren’t currently engaged or who are engaged less often. This isn’t about provision for a small cohort of young people but needs to consider ALL the school’s population


In the academic year 2018-19, Meridian Primary was awarded its BRONZE SCHOOL GAMES MARK.


Picture 1

Alongside our 4 school values: courtesy, confidence, responsibility and adventure, which are at the heart of the teaching and learning of PE at Meridian, our conduct and performance during competitions and festivals are governed by our School Games Values.

Sports Organising Committee (SOC)

The SOC is comprised of children from KS2 and is open to all. Our mission is to make sure that children's voices are heard in the way school sports activities are organised. 


Our current priority is Sports Day. Specifically, we want to:

  • modernise two whole Key Stage events to make them more challenging
  • adapting the races portion of the day, to make sure everyone can have fun


At our last meeting, we agreed some changes to our team events, including making the hurdles course longer and making the bean bag aim harder by having a blindfold option for more confident aimers. We also discussed some different ways of announcing the winners of Sports Day and the role of House Captains in individual races.


The SOC was vitally important in the set up of Sports Day, setting out the equipment for each activity and being super role models to KS2.


Our next meeting will be lunchtime on Tuesday 25th June.

Play Leaders

Our Year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity at the beginning of the year to become "Play Leaders". Following an official interview, this team of trained sports experts help lead games and activities at lunchtime. This initiative has helped develop more active playtimes for all our children, and produced some fantastic young leaders.

Upcoming Events


Swimming (Year 5) - Thursdays

As soon as the pool at CVC is safe to use, Year 5 will be diving into an exciting unit of work designed to teach them water safety skills and the key strokes.


Pilates (Year 4) - Thursdays

Next half term (Summer 2), our Year 4 children will be taught Pilates on Thursday afternoons. This training, provided by a fantastic trainer from our School Sports Partnership is designed to build muscle strength and promote wellbeing.


Balanceability (EYFS) - Thursdays

Next half term (Summer 2), our EYFS children will have balanceablilty sessions, where they will ride balance bikes. Whether children can already ride or not, this training, provided by a fantastic trainer from our School Sports Partnership is designed to build core strength and balance to support children's cycling.

Competition Results and Match Reports:

For official match reports of county events from the South Cambridgeshire School Sports Partnership, you can also check Twitter and Facebook.


Summer Events

Sports Day! (Whole School) - Thursday 6th June

What a fantastic day, and what a celebration of PE and Sports at Meridian this year! Among some outstanding displays of athleticism, team spirit and sportsmanship, children had the chance to take part in a range of events, including hurdling, the standing jump, and the football slalom, all the while earning points for their teams.





KS1 took to the field first and enjoyed their carousel of activities. We were lucky enough to be supported by Sports Leaders from Comberton Village College, who led some activities and kept score. Then, the races began, with every child involved in a relay or sprint. 


It was KS2's turn in the afternoon and, after a similar carousel of activities, coordinated by the Sports Organising Committee, it was time for the throwing events and flat races. Discovery won the Tug of War competition in both Year 3 and 4 and in Year 5 and 6 (which took place on Tuesday), and Discovery also took the Year 3 and 4 House Relay, with Voyager claiming the victory in Year 5 and 6. Challenger came a close second in both relays.




It was a fantastic day, and, while happily slurping ice pops (provided by the PTA), the children were eager to hear the all important scores.


Key Stage One Carousel

In first place... In second place... In third place... In fourth place...
DISCOVERY with 672 points!  CHALLENGER with 629 points! EXPLORER with 547 points! VOYAGER with 537 points!


Key Stage Two Carousel

In first place... In second place... In third place... In fourth place...
VOYAGER with 1009 points! DISCOVERY with 1002 points! CHALLENGER with 960 points! EXPLORER with 827 points!


When combined with the scores from the relays and tug of war, the final scores were:


In fourth place, with an incredible 1594 points was EXPLORER.

In third place, with an impressive 1776 points was VOYAGER.

In second place, with 1829 points was the fantastic CHALLENGER.


Meaning that DISCOVERY claimed the Sports Day trophy this year, earning an amazing 2024 points!


Here is Tia's (Oak Class) newspaper report of the event.

Beyond the Baseline Tennis Festival (Year 3 and 4) - Wednesday 5th June

Beyond the Baseline is a free, secondary schools programme that uses tennis and inspirational tennis mentors to nurture pupils’ aspirations and put them on the path to achieving them. Year 3 and 4 were invited to Comberton Village College to give a group of secondary school children the chance to plan and lead activities for children. Overseen by professional tennis player, Jessica Weeks, fun was had by all. This is what the children had to say:


"I particularly enjoyed the Tennis Dodgeball because I love tennis and dodgeball. I also liked it because I worked on running." Fern


"I improved my balance, because if you keep your eye on the ball, it helps you hold the racket still." Phoebe


"My aim improved, because I got to focus on one thing at a time." Mia


"I improved my teamwork, because we shared the ball" Milly


"I really improved my listening and that helps my homework. And the tennis helped my accuracy." Antos


Invasion Games Festival (Year 3 and 4) - Wednesday 22nd May



An opportunity for our Lower Key Stage Two to engage in some friendly competition and learn some new sports, such as Endball and Hockey. Children displayed incredible resilience, competing against children from other schools and came together as a supportive team.


Extreme 360 (Year 6) - Friday 17th May



Our Year 6 children, to celebrate the end of their SATs test had a super time bouncing around in St Neots!


Tennis Festival (Year 2) - Tuesday 30th April

Mrs Shepperson, Mrs Moore, Mrs Spight and Mrs Tarring took our fabulous Year Twos for a morning of aces, volleys and advantage points at CVC. The event, organised by some of the college's student sports leaders, gave the children the chance to try out tennis mini-games and have lots of fun.


A Team High Fives Tournament (Year 6) - Wednesday 1st May

Our A Team netballers played exceptionally well at the County Netball Final at Impington Village College. It was an achievement just to be in the final competition, but we also made it into Division Two! All teams were highly competitive. Overall, they came 8th in the county. Well done Emily, Tia, Connie, Millie, Annie, Hannah, Connor and Rufus.


A special mention was made to Millie's sportsmanship, and she was awarded a "Spirit of the Games Award" for displaying outstanding resilience and teamwork.


Football Match: Meridian v Barton (Year 5 and 6) - Monday 29th April

Well done to all our players, who won 4-2 in the match against Barton C of E School. There was great play by all, including the other team, who our boys said were stiff competition! A special mention to Ahrel, Joseph, Kyle and Stephan, our goal scorers!


HILLTOP! (Year 5) - Monday 1st - Friday 5th April



Year 5 have had an incredible and adventurous week at Hilltop Outdoor Centre. Displaying courtesy, confidence, adventure and responsibility, as well as so many other outstanding qualities, our children did us proud once again.


B Team Netball Finals (Year 5 and 6) - Wednesday 3rd April


Throughout the afternoon Meridian played six games in which we won three, drew two and lost one. Overall, out of eighteen schools competing, Meridian came 5th. Throughout the tournament the children displayed great sportsmanship and skill. A great team effort - well done, Meridian!


Ballet Workshop (Year 2 and 3) - Monday 1st April

Our children were treated to a workshop, run by a member of the Northern Ballet, who will be performing ‘Puss In Boots’ at the Corn Exchange on the 17th May 2019. Everyone had a great time and learnt more about performing a story.



Spring Events

Tag Rugby Intra-School Competition (Year 6) - Wednesday 27th March 

Super competition and a real celebration of Year 6's hard work in PE lessons this half term. Congratulations to Discovery, our overall winners.


Football Match: Meridian v Hardwick (Year 5 and 6)- Monday 25th March

Well done to the football team, who played in their  football match against Hardwick School. It was a strong team and Meridian won 6-3.


Bikeability Level 1 (Year 3 and 4) - Friday 22nd March

Well done to all children who took part in the Bikeability Level 1 training. The children had a good time and enjoyed learning how to control and master their bikes. We are hoping that this will give them more confidence to ride more often and will give them all an increased understanding of road safety.


Skip2Bfit (Whole School) - Monday 11th March

The Skip2Bfit day went very well and an impressive number of skips were recorded.




The year group top skippers were: EYFS Maisie, Y1 Summer, Y2 Talia, Y3 Oscar, Y4 Etienne, Y5 Anna and Y6 Annie. Annie was top pupil skipper with 239 skips in two minutes and Miss Ramsay was top staff skipper with 256 skips in two minutes. We are really pleased that so many children have taken up skipping as a result of the inspiring sessions.


Quicksticks Hockey Tournament (Year 6) - Wednesday 6th March

Not only did one of our teams come first place in their group, but our children were commended for their sportsmanship, and a special mention was given to Ahrel who received a "Spirit of the Games" award for displaying outstanding respect for his fellow players. We are very proud of them all.


Netball Tournament (Year 5 and 6 A and B Team) - Thursday 28th February

We entered two teams to play against other Cambridgeshire teams from our local area. Team A came second in their group and Team B came first in theirs! This means that both teams will go through to a final round and play against the winning teams from other parts of Cambridgeshire. We are really proud of our players for doing so well.


Bikeability (Year 6) - Monday 18th - Thursday 21st February 

In spite of the frosty weather this week, our Year 6 children completed their bikeability course! We are very fortunate to have this free course to enable our children to be safe on the roads.


Key Steps Gymnastics Competition (Year 3 and 4) - Wednesday 30th January

This week we were proud to take two teams to represent Meridian at the gymnastics competition held at Comberton Village College. The children had to learn two difficult routines and performed individually under very intense conditions! They performed with grace and confidence. Well done team!


Molly Dancers came to Meridian! (Whole School) - Monday 7th January

You may have heard about the Flashmob Molly dancing in the Grafton Centre on Monday. We were treated to a performance by the Cambridge Morris Men who come to the village every year to dance at the crossroads, by the village pond. Molly dancing has a long tradition and in East Anglia is done on ‘Plough Monday’, which is the first Monday after the Feast of Epiphany (Twelfth Night). The dances, which are performed by teams of eight or ten men, were collected from old village dancers and reintroduced in the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year.



Autumn Events

High Five Netball Intra-School Competition (Year 5) - Wednesday 12th December

A real display of skill at Meridian today, with children playing, leading and officiating. Congratulations, Discovery! You are victorious!


Quicksticks Hockey Intra-School Competition (Year 6) - Wednesday 12th December

Supported by our PE Specialist, Mrs Scarboro, our Year 6 children competed in an energetic house hockey competition. Well done, Explorer - the champions of the tournament.


Cross Country at Milton Country Park (Key Stage Two) - Thursday 22nd November


On Thursday, we took 54 children to the county’s small school cross country run at Milton Country Park. Our children were among the 700 runners from schools all over the county who ran the mile (1600m) course around the Country Park. It was a very enjoyable morning and we are very proud of every child who entered. They showed great determination to complete the course and demonstrated excellent teamwork and respect, cheering every runner.


A special mention for Clemence and Harry in Y3 who came 3rd in their gender age groups, Etienne in Y4 who came 7th and Anna in Y5 who came 5th. Overall our school came 3rd in the Year 3 and Year 4 category and 7th in the year 5 and year 6 category, which we are over the moon about!


KS2 Intra-House Cross Country (Year 3, 4 and 5)

Children outdid themselves today! The determination and resilience of all of our runners was outstanding. The winners of this competition will go forward to represent the school on Thursday 22nd November at the Milton Country Park Cross Country Competition. Well done, Voyager - the overall winners.


Orienteering Development Competition (Year 3 and 4) - Tuesday 6th November

Children attended an orienteering activity morning at Comberton Village College. Miss Ramsay, who accompanied them, said they were really enthusiastic and worked so well together as a team.


Football Intra-School Competition (Year 5) - Wednesday 24th October

Great play by all children today. Sportsmanship was shown by all. Well done, Discovery.


Hoopball Intra-School Competition (Year 3) - Wednesday 17th October

Our Year 3 children engaged in a fiercely competitive hoopball tournament today, vying for a victory for their house. Though everyone paid well, and were quick to congratulate their opponents, it was Explorer who were victorious this time. Well done, Explorer!


1960s PE Intra-House Festival (Whole School) - Friday 12th October



We had a fantastic day, working in our houses to complete a range of "olden day" sporting activities, including an egg and spoon race and hopscotch. We were particularly proud of the way our older children acted as leaders throughout the day, organising races and activities for younger children.


Outdoor and Adventurous Intra-School Competition (Year 3 and 4) - Thursday 11th October

Children had a great afternoon in mixed house teams, engaging in all kinds of challenging activities designed to test their teamwork and problem-solving. From saving ducks from dirty ponds to fighting crime, all children performed fantastically. Overall, no one house was declared the winner - they were all too strong!


Professor Greg Whyte OBE –‘ Inspirational!’ (Whole School) - Tuesday 18th September

Professor Greg Whyte visited this week to share the charitable work he undertakes and a celebrity sports trainer for organisations like Comic Relief and Sports Relief. Professor Greg OBE, a former Olympian, has worked alongside a host of celebrities and shared with us some important sporting values - teamwork, motivation, perseverance, respect, hard work.


Greg swam the English challenge alongside David Walliams, completed the triathlon with Davina McCall and has undertaken many other challenges, all in the name of charity. The children really appreciated him coming to talk about his amazing achievements. It was a great message to us all and really empowered us to work hard to achieve. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Baker who arranged this visit.

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