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Collective Worship/ Assemblies


Collective worship / assemblies are held each day. This is important for children and staff to come together as a community to reinforce the school’s shared values.


We aim for all children to join us for assembly but respect the right that parents have to withdraw their children.


It is the responsibility of each member of staff to ensure that:

  • Children conduct themselves in a quiet orderly manner within the school building
  • The children are aware of and take note of the school values and behaviour system


Day and time Type of assembly Led by
Monday at 10:15am

Whole School
Song, school values, British values, current affairs, special visitors, reflection. All staff in upon request

Headteacher or Senior Leadership Team
Tuesday at 9:05am

Key Stage 1 / EYFS
Stories with a moral / discussion / PSHE focus

Rotation of KS1 teachers
Tuesday at 10:15am

Key Stage 2

Specially designed format for children to lead each week. Children are given advanced notice to play their instrument as part of these assemblies

Led by Y6 children (house captains / school council) and rotation of KS2 teachers to support / facilitate
Wednesday at 10:15am Whole School
Singing, reflection, school choir to support when available
Emma Rapley or Rebecca Sands
Thursday at 10:15am Whole School
Curriculum focus, special curriculum themes - sharing/ demonstrating the curriculum drivers/ motivational- how these have influenced work in class - sharing / showing work; reflection.
Rotation of teachers
Friday at 9:10am Whole School
Celebration assembly with invited parents. Alternate KS1 and KS2 certificates based on children demonstrating excellence in work, attitude, improvement, or school values. Presentation of the 'Excellent writing' trophy. Reflection. All staff and children should attend. 
Headteacher or Senior Leadership Team


Each class will also lead a 15 minute assembly once in the year. This will take place on a Thursday from 9:15am and showcase some of the work undertaken in classes for that term.

The dates for Class Assemblies for 2017-18 are:


Autumn Term

Year 6 - 19th October 2017

Year 4 - 23rd November 2017


Spring Term

Year 1 - 18th January 2018

Year R - 22nd March 2018


Summer Term

Year 3 - 10th May 2018

Year 5 - 7th June 2018

Year 2 - 21st June 2018

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School Performances


  • Play performance –  November - with Year 5
  • Nativity based assembly – each December - EYFS and KS1
  • Play performance – Spring term - with Year 3 and Year 4
  • Play performance – each July - Year 6


Visiting speakers/ groups


These are arranged throughout the year and join the Monday or Thursday morning assemblies.

Well achieved GOLD sports award for the 2nd year! Please look after yourselves. There is a drive by testing centre at Milton Park and Ride with a very quick turn around for anyone who might need to book a Covid-19 test.

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