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Science Overview

At Meridian school we love science! We are inquisitive and we love exploring and investigating the natural world around us. One of our school values is being researchers. We are very lucky to live in a community full of scientists. Parents and members of our community contribute significantly to our scientific learning by bringing things in for us to see and investigate and by inspiring us through their work.



In science we learn to ask questions about how things happen. We observe and investigate living things and materials in order to gather evidence and answer our questions, learning thus the method of science whilst building knowledge about the natural world and the living things. Our science curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. We learn through half-termly topics. This enables us to have a focus and combine science with oral communication, writing and maths. Our learning in science progresses as we move from one year group to the next.



In Reception we learn mainly through hands on activities. We go on weekly nature walks to explore and investigate animal and plant habitats. We learn to ask questions and explore possible ways to answer our questions.



In Year 1 and 2 we learn the skills of the scientific process by identifying and classifying plants, animals and materials. Learning in science focuses on plants, humans, animals and materials.



In KS2 we further develop our understanding of the scientific process and we carry out small scale investigations to develop our scientific knowledge on living things, materials and physical processes. We learn through experiential learning and we use our imagination to understand how the non-visible parts of animals, plants and materials shape their properties. 

Science Progression Map

We look forward to learning all about our Y5's residential trip to Hilltop!

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