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Headteacher's Award

The Headteacher's Award is a recognition program designed to honor and celebrate exemplary students who serve as role models within the school community. This prestigious accolade acknowledges and applauds their outstanding commitment to academic excellence, positive behaviour, and exemplary character.


By awarding this distinction on a regular basis, the school aims to foster a culture of achievement and inspire others to follow in the footsteps of these remarkable individuals. The Headteacher's Award not only recognises scholastic accomplishments but also the embodiment of core values such as respect, kindness, and leadership. This initiative serves as a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded, responsible, and motivated students who make a positive impact on their peers and the broader educational environment.



Students Awarded for Headteacher's Award


22nd September 2023

Apple Tree- Gaia

Cherry Tree- Sebastian

Birch- Noor

Sycamore- Maya

Willow- Nicholas

Oak- Emily


29th September 2023

Apple Tree- Haydn

Cherry Tree- Oliver

Birch- Joshua

Sycamore- William

Willow- Sophia Wes

Oak- Winter


6th October 2023

Apple Tree- Enya

Cherry Tree- Daisy

Birch- Eloise

Sycamore- Ilithyia

Willow- Esther

Oak- Kayla, Maddison


13th October 2023

Apple Tree- Coty

Cherry Tree- Jacob 

Birch- Phoebe

Sycamore- Anastasia

Willow- Sam

Oak- Poppy


20th October 2023

Apple Tree- Arthur

Cherry Tree- Lottie

Birch- Giala, Giana

Sycamore- George M.

Willow- Chiara

Oak- Summer


10th November 2023

Apple Tree- Yehor

Cherry Tree- Toby

Birch- Emilie

Sycamore- Ashley

Willow- Stefan

Oak- Sophie


17th November 2023

Apple Tree- Darcy

Cherry Tree- Liberte

Birch- Amit, Eva

Sycamore- Lucinda

Willow- Ian

Oak- Dominic


1st December 2023

Apple Tree- Camille

Cherry Tree- Jesse

Birch- Camilla

Sycamore- Ivy

Willow- Beatrice

Oak- Corin


8th December 2023

Apple Tree- Sofia

Cherry Tree- Ted

Birch- Luke, Amy

Sycamore- Gabriella

Willow- Angel

Oak- Joe


15th December 2023

Apple Tree- Quinn

Cherry Tree- Odysseas

Birch- Ada W

Sycamore- George

Willow- Tristan

Oak- Annabelle


12th January 2024

Acorn- Orla

Apple Tree- Bradley

Cherry Tree- Ezra

Birch- N/A

Sycamore- Illithyia

Willow- Stefan

Oak- Miles


19th January 2024

Acorn- Innila

Apple Tree- Lydia

Cherry Tree- Vaikhari

Birch- Ada T

Sycamore- Robert

Willow- Sophia Webb

Oak- George


26th January 2024

Acorn- Anastasia

Apple Tree- Alessio

Cherry Tree- Aurelia

Birch- Cleo

Sycamore- Holly

Willow- Ella C

Oak- Charlotte


2nd February 2024

Acorn- Murray

Apple Tree- Bella

Cherry Tree- Sophie

Birch- Theo

Sycamore- Max

Willow- Dylan H

Oak- Kayla


9th February 2024

Acorn- Jessie

Apple Tree- Pippa

Cherry Tree- Liam

Birch- Tilly

Sycamore- Isaac

Willow- Cameron

Oak- Luca


16th February 2024

Acorn- Aaron

Apple Tree- Andrew

Cherry Tree- Ridaan

Birch- Cillian, Isaac

Sycamore- N/A 

Willow- Lewis

Oak- Olivia


8th March 2024

Acorn- Zach

Apple Tree- Timothy

Cherry Tree- Lottie

Birch- Alex

Sycamore- Joe

Willow- Laycie

Oak- Kenula


15th March 2024

Acorn- Phoebe

Apple Tree- Imogen

Cherry Tree- Liam

Birch- Jacob

Sycamore- Oliver

Willow- Maisie

Oak- Ariel


22nd March 2024

Acorn- Shea

Apple Tree- Athea

Cherry Tree- Odysseas

Birch- Jake

Sycamore- Elsie

Willow- Anthony

Oak- Sidney


26th April 2024

Acorn- Coen

Apple Tree- Jack

Cherry Tree- Kayden

Birch- Hannah

Sycamore- Molly

Willow- N/A 

Oak- Chloe


3rd May 2024

Apple Tree- Oskar

Cherry Tree- Jesse

Birch- Isobel

Sycamore- Zander

Willow- Conor

Oak- Mattie


10th May 2024

Apple Tree- Gilly

Cherry Tree- Ezra

Birch- Amelie

Sycamore- Bryn

Willow- Jack

Oak- Miles


17th May 2024

Acorn- Menula

Apple Tree- Maja

Cherry Tree- Jacob

Birch- Harvey

Sycamore- Blossom

Willow- Harvey

Oak- Sam


24th May 2024

Acorn- Sienna

Apple Tree- Alfie

Cherry Tree- Aurelia

Birch- Ellie

Sycamore- Mia

Willow- Bobby

Oak- Samuel


7th June 2024

Acorn- Rowan

Apple Tree- Gaia

Cherry Tree- Daisy

Birch- Stanley

Sycamore- Alice

Willow- Ella G

Oak- Akshara


12th June 2024

Acorn- Rafe

Apple Tree- Whole Year 2 Class

Cherry Tree- Liberte

Birch- Alex

Sycamore- Viktoria

Willow- Alfie

Oak- Emily

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