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House Teams

From EYFS to Year 6, every child at Meridian is part of a School House Team.  Four House Teams, each named after a space rocket including Challenger (Red), Discovery (Green), Explorer (Purple) and Voyager (Sky) are used when grouping our children for different activities and for sporting competitions including leading assemblies and Sports Day.


Eight House Captains will be selected by our Headteacher after viewing personal statements from our potential candidates from Year 6.  Two House Captains will be selected for each House. House Captains in this academic year are:


Challenger (Red): Charlotte, Ivy

Discovery (Green): Annabelle, Josh

Explorer (Purple): Sophie, Mattie

Voyager (Sky): Kayla, Emmanuel



Each house is unique in its own way, representing the values and qualities that the respective space rockets embody.  The Challenger house represents determination and perseverance, while the Discovery house embodies exploration and innovation.  The Explorer house represents curiosity and creativity, and the Voyager house embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery.


The House Captains have been chosen for their leadership qualities and will be responsible for leading their houses in various activities and events throughout the year.  We believe that this new house system will foster a sense of community and healthy competition amongst our children, while promoting teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship.


The Houses compete weekly to get the most Raffle Tickets in KS2 and the most Rocket Fuel in KS1. Children can get Raffle Tickets and Rocket Fuel for working hard or good behaviour.


We look forward to seeing our children embrace and embody the values of their respective houses, and we are excited to see what they will achieve together.

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