• Meridian
  • Primary School
  • Comberton, Cambridge
  • Learning for life, striving for excellence

School Ethos and Values

Our Ethos

Learning for Life; Striving for Excellence


Visitors to Meridian comment on our polite, caring and friendly atmosphere. We often talk about our ‘Meridian Manners’. We believe that children feel happy and secure in this environment. This in turn creates the best possible attitude to learning.


Meridian values support from our parents and the community and we aim always to be welcoming, accommodating and supportive in return.


Our goal at Meridian is to educate children for their future – a generation who learn how to learn and love to learn.


At Meridian Primary School we believe nurturing a love of learning enables us to continue learning for life.


We are proud to be a learning community.


Our school values: Confidence, Courtesy, Responsibility and Adventure.  Our guiding principles for individual growth:


  • Working hard, encouraging successful learning
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Being a positive, considerate and courteous community
  • Being responsible for our learning and actions
  • Striving for challenges and opportunities in learning
Well achieved GOLD sports award for the 2nd year! Please look after yourselves. There is a drive by testing centre at Milton Park and Ride with a very quick turn around for anyone who might need to book a Covid-19 test.

MeridianPrimary School

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