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Acorn - EYFS

Welcome to Acorn Class!

We are looking forward to getting to know you all very soon!  To help you get ready why don't you create a count down calendar so that you can tick off each day.  First of all we will visit you at home and have a little play together.  We would love you to share your favourite toy or book with us. 

A bit about us...




Class Overview

Welcome to Acorn Class. We can be found near the main entrance to the school busily learning both indoors and outdoors. Our class teacher is Mrs Özcan. Miss Smith supports our learning throughout the week and we sometimes have the support of Mrs Rowe too.



We deliver a curriculum based on the framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We cover seven areas of learning and development which are implemented through planned, purposeful play, both outdoors and in. This learning is developed through rich, challenging learning experiences, which offer opportunities for the children to to explore and take risks, learn through first-hand experience and gain greater independence, supporting their natural curiosity, and motivation to learn. As the children cover the areas of learning, we respond to their individual emerging needs and interests, guiding their development through warm, positive, skillful interactions, which we develop daily.


Life in Acorn Class

Each day we all embark on an exciting learning journey in Acorn Class, which stimulates and grows our love of learning. We enjoy sharing this journey with our friends and teachers alike and new experiences both from school and home are celebrated and discussed with great enthusiasm.


What to bring when

Please bring in your book bag and water bottle everyday.

A change of clothes and a pair of wellies should be brought in and remain at school.

Once our P.E. day has been scheduled we will let you know which day to bring your kit.  This usually stays at school and is sent home for a wash each half term.

Topic overview


In Acorn Class we have based our learning on concepts rather than themes.  This allows us to teach a concept within any topic that the children show an interest in, helping us to develop a more child led, inquiry based curriculum.


Autumn 1

Function: The understanding that everything has a purpose, a role or way of behaving that can be investigated.

Autumn 2

Pattern: The understanding that patterns are all around us including in nature, can increase, decrease and repeat

Spring 1 

Balance: The understanding that well-being is achieved through balancing our intellectual, emotional and physical selves.

Spring 2

Form: The understanding that everything has a form with recognisable features that can be observed, identified, described and categorised

Summer 1

Change: The understanding that change is the process of movement from one state to another. It is universal and inevitable.

Summer 2

Communication: The understanding that we can express ourselves in many different ways, that there is a sender, message and recipient.

Early Learning Goals 2021

Here are some useful websites:

Useful Resources


Internet Safety for EYFS

Advice for parents on how to help your children to stay safe online.

We look forward to learning all about our Y5's residential trip to Hilltop!

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