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Volunteering at Meridian

Are you inspired by the vision of Meridian and want to offer your time to help our children flourish? We are searching for a team of volunteers to bring their talents to our school.  You don’t have to be necessarily academic to volunteer – we do want people with a passion to support our school and the children within it!


We are looking for: Volunteers who understand children. People who are kind, courageous, willing to learn and are able to build supportive relationships with adults and children in our community. People who know the boundaries to keep children safe.


We need support in the following areas:

• Lunchtime helpers to support club

• Reading

• Classroom support

• Allotment and gardening

• Library

• Swimming

• Trip

• Photographer of school event


The successful volunteer(s) will need to:

• Be able to dedicate regular time to the school; our children need that consistency

• Be kind

• Be committed to safeguarding children following our code of conduct and procedures

• Have patience to support and nurture

• Have high personal expectations and dedication to achieve the best with the children you support

• Ability to work collaboratively with all members of the community

• Have good Literacy and Numeracy skills, able to support children in reading, writing and maths (if you want to

focus on Reading or Academic volunteering)


Benefit to you:

• You will be helping achieve the vision and mission of our school

• You will contribute to a better society through our children and community


If you are interested in volunteering at our school regularly, please fill in the application form and send to our school office by email.  If there is a suitable volunteering opportunity, an informal interview will be arranged and a Disclosure and Barring Service Clearance (DBS) as well as a safeguarding induction will be undertaken, free of charge before you are able to come into school.

Meridian Primary School Volunteer Application Form

Meridian Primary School Volunteering Recruitment Process

Welcome to the Meridian Primary School website. We welcome all communities at Meridian. We hope that our site will give you a flavour of the ethos and expectations of our school and highlight many of the amazing opportunities that the pupils at Meridian will be offered in their seven years with us.

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