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School Council

Meridian School Council, an essential body within our school that helps ensure that every voice is heard and valued.  The School Council comprises two students from each class, except for Year Six, who have four representatives.  They meet every Thursday during assembly time, from 10:15 to 10:30.


The School Council's primary objective is to discuss and address any concerns or changes that need to be made to enhance the school experience for everyone.  They encourage constructive feedback from students, staff, and parents and use this feedback to create positive changes that benefit the entire school community.


Apart from addressing issues, the School Council also plays an active role in organizing school events. They have organized exciting events like Africa Day, Spotty Day, and non-uniform days that add to the school's vibrant culture.


Over the years, the School Council has achieved numerous milestones, including the acquisition of new playtime equipment, a climbing wall, an adventure playground, and a new basketball court.  These developments enhance students' learning and play experiences, and we are immensely grateful for the School Council's dedication and hard work.


The School Council has also devised a plan for keeping cloakrooms tidy and improving reading books. Representatives from Year 4 also gave an update on the habitat well-being garden project.


The School Council is an integral part of our school community, and we encourage everyone to participate and share their thoughts and ideas.  We look forward to seeing what the School Council will achieve in the future.


School Council members in this academic year are:

Chairs: George, Joe

Acorn: Jessie, Coen

Apple: Gaia, Gilly

Cherry: Jesse, Ody

Birch: Phoebe, Jake

Sycamore: Alice, Mia

Willow: Alfie, Bea

Oak: Sidney, Summer


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