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School Development Plan Priorities

The Meridian Primary School

Improvement Priorities for 2021-22


Aim for 2021-2022: 

Towards ‘excellence’ in our practice, in our standards, in our communication and in our resources.


These are our priorities:


  • To build on the benefits of team spirit within friendship, learning, play and outdoor cross curricular work through quality resources and through promoting restorative practices.
  • To build on our provision to support children’s mental health, staff well-being and to manage the school environment as we enter a new phase of recovery from COVID 19.
  • To improve our computing technology to support the computing curriculum and other curriculum links
  • To improve on writing by addressing and improving Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling within key phases/ year groups 
  • To continue to build confidence in maths mental calculations and reasoning work evidenced through good maths outcomes.




We look forward to learning all about our Y5's residential trip to Hilltop!

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