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The School Day

The School Day


8.45am Gates open, parents with children enter playground


8.50am KS1 children can enter the classroom. KS2 Teachers go out on duty (rota system)


8.55am KS2 Whistle, line up. Duty teacher signals classes to go in


9.00am Registration in classes


See Assembly information for assembly times for each day


10.30am Playtime


10.45am Whistle goes and children line up before being sent to their classes


11.50am Lunchtime for EYFS

12.00pm Lunchtime for KS1

12.20pm Lunchtime for LKS2

12.30pm Lunchtime for UKS2


1pm End of lunchtime for EYFS

1.10pm End of lunchtime EYFS/KS1. Whistle signals, children line up and are then led into their classrooms by the Midday Supervisors

1.20pm End of lunchtime for LKS2. Whistle signals, children line up.

1.25pm End of lunchtime for UKS2 whistle signals, children line up.


2.25pm Afternoon playtime for KS1 only, this is managed by the class teachers and support staff in KS1


3.20pm EYFS End of school day

3.25pm KS1 End of school day

3.30pm KS2 End of school day

Welcome to the Meridian Primary School website. We welcome all communities at Meridian. We hope that our site will give you a flavour of the ethos and expectations of our school and highlight many of the amazing opportunities that the pupils at Meridian will be offered in their seven years with us.

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