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Meridian Primary School Physical Education Overview

PE provides opportunities for children to be creative and competitive while learning to work with and respect others. At Meridian the children learn how to plan, perform and evaluate actions, often in pairs and small groups, helping them to develop the quality and effectiveness of their work. The children across our school develop confidence and competence in performing different skills and build a resilience to overcome challenges as they arise. A positive attitude towards active lifestyles is promoted and we aim to introduce children to lifelong physical activity. This is provided by the children having access to a wide range of sporting extra curricular clubs which accommodate a wide variety of interests both before, during and after school. Children in all year groups work to enhance their skills across the PE curriculum at least twice per week. 


Lessons are planned and delivered with our curriculum drivers in mind.

Resourcefulness – Children are taught to be resourceful and given plenty of opportunities to put this into practice. They make use of a wide range of equipment and have opportunities to exercise and play sport in a range of environments. 

Reflectiveness – Children are encouraged to reflect on their learning and be aware of their strengths and areas for development. They are encouraged to set themselves goals and consider how they might achieve them.

Research – Children have opportunities to find out about sports people and events.



In the Foundation Stage children are encouraged to access a wide range of physical activity provision in indoor and outdoor settings. Physical Development is one of the areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage where children learn to explore, experiment and refine their social, gross and fine motor skills.


Key Stage One

In Key Stage 1, children build on their early experiences and move into paired and group activities. They begin to play different games, explore and link actions, improve coordination and balance. They begin to express ideas and feelings about their own performances.


Key Stage Two

In Key Stage 2, children build on their previous experiences through a broader PE curriculum. They learn specific skills and refine and improve existing ones. The children develop confidence to evaluate their own and other performances and reflect on how they can improve. They learn to work as a team in pairs and small groups, as well as taking part in competitive experiences. In upper Key Stage 2 they also take part in swimming sessions to meet the National Curriculum standards.


This link will take you to our Sports at Meridian page where you can see information about all the great sporting evets we have been involved in! 

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Please see the Sports Premium page in the About Us section for details about how the fund is spent.

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