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Classes 2023/2024


EYFS: Acorn Class –

Teacher: Mrs Jaqueline Özcan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nicola Rowe, Mr Andrew McKenna, Miss Ellen Gourley (Mon-Fri a.m.), Miss Jodi Iggulden (Mon-Fri p.m.)


Year 1: Apple Tree Class –

Teacher: Mr George Clarke

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Asmaa Bechnnati, Mrs Zeena Thompson (Mon-Fri a.m.)


Year 2: Cherry Tree Class –

Teacher: Miss Alice Storr

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Asmaa Bechnnati, Mrs Debbie Moore (Tue, Thu pm)


Year 3: Birch Class –

Teacher: Miss Claudette Ramsay (Mon-Thu), Mrs Anna Holmes (Fri)

Teaching Assistant: Miss Alice Tinkler, Mrs Bharti Taneja


Year 4: Sycamore Class –

Teacher: Mrs Jenny Weston

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Zeena Thompson, Mrs Bharti Taneja


Year 5: Willow Class –

Teacher: Mrs Kate Halford (Mon-Tue), Ms Genevieve Skinner (Wed-Fri)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Debbie Moore (Mon-Fri a.m.), Mrs Carrie Spight (Mon-Tue p.m.), Mrs Zeena Thompson (Mon, Wed, Fri p.m.), Mrs Bharti Taneja


Year 6: Oak Class –

Teacher: Mrs Claire Sofflet (Mon to Wed, Fri), Mrs Anna Holmes (Thu)

Teaching Assistant: Miss Ellen Gourley, Mrs Carrie Spight, Mrs Bharti Taneja




Welcome to the Meridian Primary School website. We welcome all communities at Meridian. We hope that our site will give you a flavour of the ethos and expectations of our school and highlight many of the amazing opportunities that the pupils at Meridian will be offered in their seven years with us.

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