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Meridian Mathlympics

Meridian Mathlympics is an Excel spreadsheet created by Sam Waller, to help children learn mental arithmetic and speed typing. If you like the tool, please support the PTA by donating via our JustGiving page




"Thursday is the day my son is allowed to play PlayStation.

Last Thursday, my son asked me, can I play Excel instead."

- A meridian parent

How to download


To use this tool, you will need to download the zip file by clicking on the link below.


Then extract all the files, there is one for each year group. Open the Excel file for the year of your child. The spreadsheet will only work in desktop versions of Excel (2016 or 365). It doesn't work in browser -based versions of office 365.


The spreadsheet will only work if you click the button that says 'enable macros', which should appear when you open the file. If you don't have the option to click this button, see 'how to enable macros' below


How to enable macros

If you don't have the option to enable macros when opening this Excel file,  go to File > Options > Trust centre. Then click on the button labelled "Trust centre settings". In the list on the left hand side, select 'Macro settings' and then in the bullet point list select 'disable all macros with notification'. OK everything, close everything, restart Excel and then open up the Meridian Mathlympics Excel file.

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