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Money raised and spent, and fundraising priorities

So far in 2023/24, we have donated £200 x 7 classes = £1400, plus £1972 for 8 more class iPads, and we have gifted an xmas book to each child (total £200), and a water play unit for the KS1 playground, worth £66.


At the close of our financial year in Oct 2023, our net worth was  £6776.

In 2022/23  we raised a total of £3933.  We donated £200 x 8 classes = £1600 to the school for class trips and activities , to catch up with the previous year where there was no donation, and an additional £200 x 8 classes = £1600  for the current year. We also donated £2000 to the school for habitat garden benches, £104 to support key stage 2 music, £150 for the DJ for year 6 leavers disco, and £216 for library book stands.


In 2021/22 We raised a total of £4530. There was no spending this year due to difficulties in authorising payments


In 2020/21 we raised a total of £4390. We spent £2872 on iPads for schools, and £169 on year six leavers events


In 2019/20 we raised a total of £2406.

In 2018/19 we raised £4889. We spent £3550 on lighting in the school hall, £1763 on playground equipment, £1500 on classroom equipment / activities, £695 on year six leavers events,  £400 towards towards school pantomime trip, £79 pounds for a pressure washer for the school. 

Welcome to the Meridian Primary School website. We welcome all communities at Meridian. We hope that our site will give you a flavour of the ethos and expectations of our school and highlight many of the amazing opportunities that the pupils at Meridian will be offered in their seven years with us.

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