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Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines 2017


Dating a piece of work

This will be progressive and encourage children to use the short and long date daily. These should be clearly and neatly modelled and displayed in class daily. The short date should always be written with dots to separate. Dates should be written on the top line of a fresh page, started after the margin line.


Yr 1 and Y2 

  • Short date on Maths.
  • On written work, day of the week with short date 
  • On written work progressing to date in full as children learn their days and months of the year
  • Please ensure consistency between the two classes


Yr 3, Yr 4,

  • Short date in Maths.
  • On written work, date in full and emphasis on correct sizing and correct capital letters for days and months


Yr 5, Yr 6

  • Short date in Maths.
  • On written work, neatly, date in full (and as above if still applicable)
  • On written work progressing to using pen

Learning objective

Every piece of work will need a learning objective – written as L.O. It should be written in or stuck underneath the date. The L.O. should be modelled in class and be appropriate language for the children to access.



In FS and KS1, the teacher may have a print out of this/ or hand write it on work. Children should be encouraged to stick their L.O. in themselves.



The L.O. should look neat and sit on the line. There should be one line space between the date and the L.O.

Children in Yr5 and Yr6 should underline their L.O. neatly with a ruler.

Presenting good handwriting

Pencils should be monitored and kept sharp so that handwriting always looks at its best.


Children should be working toward joining letters in Y2 and developing a joined script in Y3. Children should be perfecting their handwriting joins from year 4. Children in Y4 who show consistency in their handwriting and book neatness should be given a pen to use.  We call this a  ‘Pen licence’.


All children in Y6 should be using pen in all written work. Pen ink should be black only.


Written work for display boards outside the classroom should be in pen for all year groups in KS2.


For more information about the handwriting style that we teach, and for access to the Letterjoin website, please click on the link below. If your child wishes to access the Letterjoin website which allows them to practise their handwriting on a tablet, s/he will have to ask their class teacher for a password.

Maths specific

All maths work to be in pencil in all year groups.


All lines drawn should be drawn using a ruler and not free hand.


If only part of the page is used for the lesson two lines should be missed and a line should be drawn across the page in pencil to indicate the end of the work on that day and work can be started the next day underneath the line.


Well-presented mistakes

Children should learn that mistakes are all part of learning.


Rubbers should be avoided in lessons so children do not become overly reliant on them. (With exception to art lessons)


Children should be encouraged to put one straight line through the word/ phrase that is wrong with two small crosses either side of the word/ phrase. (x--------------x)


Teachers/ teaching assistants should not put a line across a child’s work to notify the child it is all wrong. If a group of sentences are incorrect, square brackets should be used to mark the start and end with teachers’ feedback.


All teachers should mark in blue pen for general marking and green pen for extending/ setting a challenge.


We look forward to learning all about our Y5's residential trip to Hilltop!

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