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The Meridian Primary Governors

Meridian Primary School Governing Body

The governing body has a statutory duty to support the headteacher and the staff as they go about their work. We are all volunteers and have chosen to become governors because we believe the children at Meridian Primary School deserve the best possible education. Our main duty is to hold the headteacher to account for the quality and standards of the job she does in all aspects of the running of the school. Our role is strategic.


The full governing body meets six times a year. Much of our discussion at those meetings is focused on the work of our two main committees. The Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee (FPP) and the Standards Committee (SC) each meet twice in every term.   We also enjoy the support of several Associate Governors who are unelected and also volunteers.


We work as a team to understand and influence the way the school operates and the standards that children achieve in all aspects of their lives in the school. Governors often visit the school whilst it is at work. We scrutinise the standards data produced by the school, monitor the quality of teaching through advisors and inspectors and listen to and talk with children, staff and parents. We scrutinise the budget on behalf of Central Government to ensure our funds give the community we serve good value for money. We welcome scrutiny of our own work by staff, parents and agencies such as the South Cambridgeshire Local Authority.


From the start of the coronavirus pandemic we have continued with our work and will continue to do so until the challenge the virus presents is behind us.  We focus on business critical tasks, supporting the headteacher and collectively keeping the safety and welfare of all the children and staff at the forefront of our thinking.  For obvious reasons we are rarely in school at present but we are in contact with the headteacher as often as we always have been, we value the contributions made to our discussion by the staff governor and welcome constant feedback from governors who are parents at the school.  We also keep ourselves fully informed as to both local and national expectations of schools and governors during the challenges of the pandemic.  


We are led by a Chair and Vice Chair and supported by a Clerk. Parent governors are elected by all the parents and other governors by the governors themselves. We always appreciate offers of help and invite you to get in touch if you would like more information or would like to become a governor.  Contact Peter Newton at:


We are very proud of the staff and the pupils and delighted to show you our latest Ofsted report which you will find on our website under 'Ofsted'.

Current Governors

Peter Newton

Local Authority

Chair of Governors

Carole Etchie



Judith Brown



  Matt Bigam  Co-opted   FPP

Anna Edwards



Kathy Talbot



Rebecca Sands



Caroline Mulderij



Yogendra Parmar



Debbie Jack


Vice Chair of Governors

 Miranda Horvath  Co-opted  SC

Jo Lewis,    

Cathy Swift  

William Cramer  








Associates: January 2020

Laura Jeffrey,

Lola Green,

Angela Ragnauth

Jo Hume

Marina Torregrossa


Past Governors

The following have now stepped down as governors or reached the end of their term:

  • Rachel Mickelson - Co-opted appointed March 2016, resigned March 2020
  • Steve Malinson - Co-opted Governor appointed September 2014, resigned August 2019 
  • Jo Hamilton - Parent Governor appointed September 2014, resigned August 2018
  • Maxine Senior - Staff Governor appointed September 2017, resigned July 2018

None of these had any relevant business or pecuniary interests or other potential conflicts of interest.

No present Governors have any relevant business peculiar interests or other potential conflicts of interest.

Wonderful feeling - we are all back in school! On Friday 25th - non uniform day - colourful dress and bring a donation to raise the school fees for two children in The Gambia.

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